In this section I would like to place select thoughts on art marketing or suggest a book to read.

This months selection is:

“The Artist - Gallery Partnership , A Practical Guide to Consigning Art”
by: Tad Crawford and Susan Mellon.

This book helps the artist better understand the relationship between the artist and a gallery representing them. The delicate balance of that relationship and the ethics involved.

A new book I recently began reading. I am finding it hits home for me.

“Play Nice, Make Money” : by W. T. McKibben

"A Realist's View of Business Ethics"

For June...

“Acrylic Revolution” by Nancy Reyner ISBN-13: 978-1-58180-804-9

“Finding Your Visual Voice” by Dakota Mitchell with Lee Haroun ISBN-13: 978-1-58180-807-0

For the Fall...

I would highly suggest getting or at least reading “ Confident Color” by Nita Leland.

I was impressed by the way Ms. Leland was able to make it so understandable and easy to read. Not at all dry. To me this is inspired and inspirational.
It nears being so simple I wonder why I never understood some of this before.

2011, August

I have become quite taken with a book titled “Be Nice, Make Money”. It is about ethics in business and the process of making money in an honest and forthright way. Very impressive.