March 2009
The Katharine Butler Gallery Show is open.

Late Spring 2009

My one man show is about to open and it is feeling just right. All the works are coming together in a way I had never imagined.

My newest piece, Contemplation 11 has more symbolism than ever before. I was overwhelmed by the revelation of the content to me. It was as though I was destined to make this piece. While I was doing the work it took on its own life and has been a lesson for me about compassion and basic faith in humanity. What more can one ask.

Spring 2009

All is coming along for the show at the Katharine Butler Gallery in March. This time is busy and filled with work and creativity.

Teaching at the Ringling College has started and I look forward to every week. It is a challenge and I feel as though I learn as much as I teach.

Four of my works have been selected:

Chosen as a
2009 Sarasota Orchestra Designer Showcase Artist

Fall 2008

After a summer of travel and work I am truly looking forward to being back in the studio again. It seems that I have a head full of ideas and thoughts that need to be attended to. The summers of travel, while tedious, can be a great time to replenish the artistic fuel and regenerate the motivation. The retreat from the studio allows for a fresh view of the world around me and gives me fuel and energy to return and paint feverishly. I am finding some of my best times as an artist are not always spent in the studio but in fact viewing the world around me with all of the flaws and dents exposed.

This March is a one man show at the Katharine Butler Gallery, so it will be quite a winter of preparations. More on this event later.

The first order of the winter is to get frames ordered and materials laid in so I can spend the time working on this winters collection.

Spring 2008-B

The gallery sales were excellent for my show and I had sales from customers in Ohio as well. So, the months of February/March have been very exciting.

April 2nd was the final class at the Ringling College for this semester. It was very successful and I am so pleased to see the hard work and effort that was put forth during this 10 week class by all those who attended.

Now I need to spend some time in the studio replenishing the inventory and getting the studio back in working order.

The Towles Court Artists Community has been named in the top ten artists' communities in the country.
My contract with the Ringling College of Art and Design has been renewed. Something to celebrate.
Photo by Margaret Maurer

A major effort has been editing the workbook I have been creating for art marketing. I want this to be a practical approach with sound practices, not a fancy, high end approach. It is nearing completion with the editing and then I will have it available as a .pdf download, a printed manual, or on a CD. This has been a long time in the making and I am sure many will find it a great jumping point into a career as an artist.

Blessed be.

Spring 2008

The show at the
Katharine Butler Gallery has been terrific.

Showing with Ron Mattia and Ruth Hook Colby has been a wonderful experience. Both fine artists and amazingly talented.

The work I am showing seems to be able to compliment the works of the other artists. I am thrilled to be showing with these two.

The class at the Ringling College is coming along very well and we are investigating aspects of art marketing. I have been assembling Power Point Presentations for each week which seems to be taking a bit of time but overall it is certainly a wonderful way to get strong visuals into the mix. Since most artists are visual, it is a nice combination.

Will be spending the next few weeks working on new pieces. The Katharine Butler show has depleted my recent inventory and I need to replenish.

I have been most fortunate and been allowed some great opportunities.

Blessings all.

Winter 2008

Starting February 1st, The Academy of Botanical Arts will have a display at the Unity Gallery at Unity Church. I have two works on display at this show. The show runs from February 1st through February 28th. As a teacher of art marketing at The Academy, examples were selected that represent my style.

Opening reception is at 11:00 AM on Sunday morning after services.

Unity Church is located at: 3023 Proctor Road, Sarasota, FL (Between Tuttle Road and Beneva Road)

At the end of the month, the beginning art marketing class will be offered at the
Ringling College of Art on the North Trail. Please contact the Special Programs office to register. (sidenote: This class is now full.)

In February at the
Katharine Butler Gallery, my work will be displayed along with the works of Ruth Hook Colby and Ronn Mattia, starting February 13th and running through March 8th, 2008 There is an artists reception on February 15th from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Katharine Butler Gallery is located at 1943 Morrill Street, Sarasota, FL.
Web site is:

Please stop by and say hello. Looking forward to seeing you there.

I promise to keep my
blog up-to-date a bit better this year.

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